5 Things I Learned as a Communication Student

By: Haley Clay, Senior Corporate Communication Major at APSU

Not many things in my life have stayed consistent during my four years at Austin Peay State University. Whether it was my future plans, my living situation, or what I wanted for dinner, I was always changing my mind on what I wanted. But there is one thing that I have not lost my love for, and that is my major. Being a Communication student can be challenging, confusing, and maybe even a little overwhelming, but it is always worth it. Here is my list of lessons learned while living the life of a Communication major.

  1. Being a Communication major does not mean you are lazy. If I had money for all of the times I heard this statement, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. It is automatically assumed that all we do is talk to people, and that the lack of tests in our curriculum could only mean we have it easy. FALSE! We work hard too! Weekly papers and presentations are more time consuming than people realize.
  2. All concentrations in our department are 100% different. My freshman year, I had no idea what a concentration was. When picking mine, I picked the one that sounded most interesting to me. I quickly realized I had picked the wrong one, and changed to Corporate Communication soon after. Doing your research on each concentration is very important when deciding which way you want to go.
  3. Social media is everything. Period. Whether you are in Public Relations or broadcasting, you will come to find that social media is extremely important in the communication world. It is the key to success when it comes to advertising and branding, so knowing your way around social media outlets is a must.
  4. The material you learn is actually useful for your future. I often hear people complaining about studying for a class that “they will never use in real life.” Luckily, in the Communication courses, you are learning extremely useful information that you WILL use when you get into the real world. (By the way, all those group projects are truly helping you become a better leader.)
  5. ALWAYS have experience before accepting a job. Going into something without any knowledge on the subject is never a good idea. Being adventurous is great, but when it comes to your future, always make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The best thing to do to prepare for your future while in college is internships. Doing more than the required hours for credit is highly recommended, not just for your resume, but experience as well.

If you are considering becoming a Communication major, you should expect long nights of writing papers, group project meetings, and news releases; BUT *spoiler alert*, you can go ahead and prepare yourself for one of the most rewarding experiences from your college years.


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