Communication Transcends Boundaries

Written by Abby Kilgore, APSU Public Relations Major Communicating as a homeschooler has always been interesting. Anytime you tell someone that you are homeschooled, there are a few routine responses. First, people always ask if you do school in your pajamas. The answer is yes, sometimes I did. Next, people act surprised that you can…

Volunteering with Manna Café Ministries

Written by: Jada Stotts, APSU Communication Graduate Student Lending a helping hand in the community has always been something I wanted to do but always felt that I never had enough time for. I hate that the reason behind me volunteering was because it was a class requirement, but I’m also so grateful for that….

Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

By Moses Cole The ability to speak a foreign language can open many doors for your career. Here are some ways you benefit from all that extra work. Looks Great on Your Resume Hiring managers will see foreign language skills as a positive on your resume because it makes you look more well-rounded and cultured….

Autistic Portrayal in Power Ranger Film

  Written by: Trent McLaurin, APSU Corporate Communication student   It is a great time to be alive if you are fascinated with every nerd/geek culture. Comic book movies are mainstream, Power rangers just hit theaters, and an infatuation with super heroes is at an all-time high. Never before has being a nerd or geek…