Code of Ethics for Social Media Bloggers


Written by: Lyric Maxwell, APSU Communication Student


As a blogger for many social media markets you serve an important role to the blogging community.

You are known to create discussions with consumers, and aid in public customer service. The responsibility of this job is simple, be honest and respectful to all followers, and to the facts as well.

The content created today can last a lifetime, so it is highly important that it remains truthful in its representation. Remember that a fact is a fact and opinions are opinions, never blur the two.

Like any other job, a blogger should also have a code of ethics or guidelines to go by.

-For starters, as a social media blogger, it is your right to voice your opinion. Freedom of speech is a luxury of rights we are all granted, use it to your advantage to make your blog unique and creative.

-In doing so, you should remain critical of all your work. Practice perfection and be professional, it will only benefit you in the end.

-Be critical of situations you post in your captions. You should be able to pin point the details out.

Facts are facts, report them!  Even if you might disagree with it, report the facts, as it is the ethical decision to make.

If you make a post about your opinion it should be clear that it is your opinion. Leading readers or followers to believe differently would be unethical.

Now we know you may like what you like, but the best way to avoid controversy is to remain independent. As a social Media blogger your integrity is everything!

If you have too many allegiances it can put your integrity in question. When using your resources, they should be credited, unless it puts you or them in harm’s way. You should also be critical of your sources as well to make sure that they are unbiased and credible.

In the end, as a social media blogger you should remain cautious when posting.  Do your job well and effectively.

If this is something you want to base your career off of make sure you take it seriously every step of the way. Be ethical in your decision making, if you need help one thing you can use is the T.A.R.E.S Test.

Ask your self is the post Truthful? Is it Authentic to audiences? Is it Respectful and Equitable to all recipients? And lastly, is it Socially responsible?

The TARES Test is an ethical advertising tool which serves to aid in ethical decision making for ads, however you can use it to ensure the ethics of your posts too.

Think about these questions as you make your post and I guarantee it will save you trouble in the future.



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