Reasons to Love Adobe Creative Cloud

**The opinions presented in this blog are that of the student and are in no way endorsed by APSU or the APSU Dept. of Communication.  Neither the student nor the Dept. of Communication received compensation for this blog post**

Written by: Moses Cole, Senior, APSU

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of software for creative work used by many creative professionals. More and more artists and professionals are subscribing to the service each day to use it to complete their projects for the following reasons.

1.Adobe Creative Cloud is Affordable

At only $9.99 a month, Creative Cloud is affordable for freelance professionals and college students. For subscribing to Creative Cloud you get access to apps like Muse, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premier Pro and many more. They have a variety of payment plans and great deals for students, teachers, and businesses. If you want more information on payment plans, click the link below.!3085!3!161672077347!b!!g!!creative%20cloud%20adobe&ef_id=WKsvtwAAAGNZ9rfD:20170220180625:s

2.Upgrades and Updates

In the past, you had to buy the latest suite package Adobe released for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Then you had to wait several years later to buy the next suite package so that you could stay up-to-date. But with the subscription based payment, the internet based Creative Cloud gets updated regularly and it keeps you up-to-date for a lower cost. You can always cancel your subscription for whatever reason you see fit.

3.Cloud Storage

Creative Cloud has cloud storage for your projects to help you save space on your hard drive. Just have a backup plan for your files stored in the cloud, in case the system gets hacked. Though Adobe’s system is very highly secure take care of your files.


Adobe has an online community where you can share your projects with the community to receive helpful feedback if you like. You can also give and receive advice in the forums to build each other up and help each other become better artists. There are many experienced people in the Adobe community that can help you learn the ins and outs of the software if you’re a beginner or if the tutorials aren’t doing much for you. There is also the Adobe Max Conference where Adobe unveils its latest projects and gives awards for creative contributions. The forums, critiquing of work, and the Adobe Max Conference also provide great opportunities to make artistic and professional connections.

I hope you can see why Adobe Creative Cloud will add a lot of great things for you if you’re not using it yet. The suite empowers creatives to produce more fantastic art, projects, and documents with ease. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple products, tablets, and smartphones. You can take Creative Cloud anywhere with you and make whatever you want to.


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