Somehow, it all Worked Out

By: Brittany Hale, Senior Journalism Student

When I began college at another university, I wanted to be a Journalist. On the first day of my intro-level journalism class, my professor introduced the class something close to this:

“Hello, class. My name is ——, and I have been a Journalist for many years. If you want to be a Journalist you need to give up your dreams of having a spouse and a family. You choose your career in Journalism or you don’t have a job at all. If you don’t like the sound of that, I invite you to get up and leave class right now.”

I got up, and I left class. I personally would like to have a husband and children, so by her standard, it just wasn’t going to work out for me.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I transferred from that school to Austin Peay and began pursuing a degree in Public Relations.

I explored an introduction class or two and decided after a year that I needed to be pursuing Journalism. I loved writing too much to leave that dream in the dust.

I took my first introduction class at APSU,  News Reporting, and I loved it. I got a thrill every single time I wrote a story. My professor believed in me, I loved conversing with strangers, and I was starting to believe in myself too.

In the meantime, I had a part-time job at a local event venue as a server. As my love for writing was growing, so was my love for events and I just didn’t know what to do about it in terms of pursuing a degree.

Last summer, I decided to take an internship abroad writing blogs, running social media, taking pictures and videos, and interviewing locals in Nepal. When I got home, I put in my two weeks at the event venue and decided to focus on school (mostly for my writing), and pick up a few babysitting jobs.

Fast forward another six months (which brings my story up to a month ago), and I am in need of a job again. I approached my previous employers about returning to work in a different role, but it just wasn’t going to be a great fit for what we needed individually.

Without my asking, my previous employer so graciously passed my name along to another event venue in town and I got an interview within the next week. In my interview, the business owner was impressed with my event experience and my journalistic writing abilities – it would be a new, and appreciated skill set for their business.

I got the job! It is true, the world of communication (especially event planning) calls for a person to be able to wear many hats.

What seemed like setbacks along the way turned out to be great stepping stones to where I am now.

Somehow, it all worked out.


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