Keep COMM, You’re in College (A post about APSU experiences from one of our students)

By: Amanda Wall, Communication Student

The Lorax changed my life. I know, you are probably so confused right now. The Lorax, really? The one about trees? How would that change some college girl’s life? Is she going to get involved in the lumber business? No, I most definitely will never be involved in the lumber business. I will however, strive every day to be the someone who cares a whole awful lot because according to The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” This is the wallpaper on my phone and one of the sayings I base my life on. I strive to be that someone in everything I do.

So you can obviously tell that I am very corny and a lover of Disney movies, but you should probably know a little more about me for the purpose of this blog. Hi, my name is Amanda Wall, and I am a freshman at Austin Peay State University. I am a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Event Planning. Honestly, I did not really consider APSU until my senior year of high school. Being from Clarksville, I felt like I would just be going into “13th grade” because I would already know so many people on campus. I had this wild idea that I belonged at Ole Miss and had plans of attending there, roommate and all, up until the spring of my senior year.

After visiting Ole Miss for a second time, I knew it wasn’t the place for me, I knew I belonged at Austin Peay, and I knew it was okay to not be sure as to why I needed to be enrolled here. Honestly, I thought APSU could not offer me all the amazing programs and organizations a bigger SEC school, like Ole Miss, could. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as I moved into my dorm, which I highly recommend all freshman do, I felt at home. This would be the place I not only get my degree, but obtain the tools to change the world. The first week after move-in was jam packed with fun events for new students. I had checked my class rosters and messaged a girl who was in almost every class with me. We became friends, and I drug her along to all the events. These events are where I met some of my absolute closest friends. I recommend everyone attend every event they possibly can, no matter how silly or strange it seems. Push yourself out of your comfort zone- unless it involves illegal substances or activities because in that case you need to be staying right in your little bubble! As long as it is a safe event, you should check it out! Don’t be scared to look silly because I promise not a soul cares. I mean, you should see some of the outfits I wear to class… Socks and Chacos for the win! This is college and everyone is just trying to figure out how to do their laundry and make Ramen in a microwave (okay, maybe that was just me.) Get out there and talk to everybody you see! I promise it will pay off when you go to get involved and join organizations.

Who knew a first semester freshman could be so involved on campus? I was recently elected Spirit Chair of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, where I will keep our sisterhood strong by hosting events and planning tailgates to form stronger bonds with other organizations. I am a co-leader of the Spirit Squad for ADPi’s 5K Committee where I am also a member of the Sponsorship Committee. I have plans of one day being the chair of the 5K Committee, the Director of Social Enrichment, Philanthropy Chair, and possibly even the President of ADPi (and maybe the United States but who knows.) I am so blessed to be a part of a sisterhood that presents me with so many opportunities to make a difference through event planning and networking.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Presidential Scholarship from APSU. In order to earn my scholarship, I was placed in the Office of Career Services. Truthfully, I was not exactly sure how I felt at the beginning of the semester. I had never worked in a place like this, and I knew little about resumes, but I had a positive attitude and was eager to learn new skills. Today, my bosses and fellow Peer Educators, have become some of my closest friends. I enjoy working with them and often catch myself going in the office on my days off just to see everyone. Career Services has allowed me to attend workshops and learn new tricks concerning resume building, networking, presentations, public relations, and event planning. I have hopes of becoming a social media intern with the office within the next year. I am so grateful that my scholarship work allows me to have real life experience with situations and tasks my major and minor will one day present to me.

I am also a member of the Communication Living Learning Community at Austin Peay. Since this is a pilot program, it is still being planned and improved. I am so blessed to be able to help with this planning. I was lucky enough to be placed with Professor Jessica Morris and Professor Amy Ritchart to work for my Communication Scholarship. They have asked me to plan events for my Community such as a movie night, a back-to-school bash, and a media tour. I think it is so amazing that I have not even started my classes for my minor, yet I am already planning events on campus. The Living Learning Community has allowed me to form bonds with students I otherwise may not have gotten close to. It is a very diverse community with a common goal- allow Communication majors the ability to grow together and individually as they navigate their first two years of college. I am excited to see how this Community will impact me in the long run and how I can impact this Community.

I feel that I have an abundance of opportunities and resources to grow as a person and a Communication major at Austin Peay. I am beyond blessed to be involved in the amazing organizations I am and to know the inspiring people I do. I hope this post has allowed you to realize what a great school APSU is, and that being a Communication student is the way to go! If you ever see me around and have questions about Communication or campus involvement, please feel free to come up and talk to me!  Remember to always “Keep COMM” and be someone who cares a whole awful lot.



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