How Social Media is Dominating the Sports World

By: Kendre Verbeck APSU Senior Communication Student

It’s been said so many times, social media is taking over. The majority of American’s admit to getting their news directly from social media sites, rather than traditional mediums. Politicians have their own Twitter, Vine, and Instagram accounts, News anchors and stations have popular Facebook pages, and even popular print news outlets have turned to online publishing via social media.sportsmedia

Sports media has been on the rise since the 80’s, in large thanks to ESPN’s launching on television and in popularity. We’ve become obsessed and invested in athletes and their lives on and off the field (or court, or whatever depending on which sport you follow most). The need for news of our favorite teams and players needed to be delivered just as fast to us as another type of news we were already receiving via social media. It was only natural that social media journalism began to dominate the fast paced news scene of sports reporting.

With the power of Twitter, reporters are able to tweet out quick play-by-play commentary, stats about each game, and even send live pictures or videos of big plays and moments. Fast paced sport’s fans love and are attracted to the constant and active feeds that reporting via social media outlets give them. The two really go hand-in-hand.

Athletes having their own accounts also adds to the rise and success in sports on social media. Popular athletes have released huge news in just 140 characters on their Twitter. From retirements to trades, some major news has been broken via social media rather than the traditional press conferences we were once used to. Every game, every championship, every draft…virtually every sporting event now carries their own hashtags with a steady flow of posts during their television airings.

A major event that recently took place, the 2016 NFL Draft, was full with busting news on social media. This event is perfect for being reported online, due to its length and duration over multiple days. Most people can’t just sit all weekend and watch every pick, or even just watch every pick made by their team. That’s where social media swooped in to dominate other news outlets. You no longer needed to keep your TV on all day, or keep checking when and who your team picks. Just look at their twitter feed, or set up an alert from the NFL App and you get the instant satisfaction of every move your team creates during this important time of the season.

Fans can follow their favorites and read in real time what they are thinking and feeling about any sporting news break or game. Social media, like it does with any news, gives you a constant feed of what’s happening exactly when it happens, which is a huge positive in the sports world.


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