How Social Media Got Me a Job

By: Kendre Verbeck APSU Senior Communication Student

You hear it all the time, and even in a past blog post from myself. Having a bad social media account can truly ruin any plans of that job you were working towards. What you may not always hear about is how having a good social media page could actually help land you a job. This actually happened to me! A Facebook page and blog which I created helped me into two great internships that I worked on during my Junior and Senior year. Adding my Facebook page and WordPress account to my resume was one of the best moves I’ve made for the job hunt. Both internships sought me out, complimented my ability on social media, and offered me positions in their social media departments.


A very long (but amazing) story short, I was forced to created a rescue resource page for my missing dog in central Pennsylvania, and it took off with over 100,000 shares in the first few days. With the popularity of this page remaining after my initial use for it went away, I decided that I shouldn’t waste the power of having an audience of that size, so the page was turned into a resource for lost and found pets to be posted and shared and kept organized.

Along with the Facebook page I decided to created a blog to post tips and information on bringing your lost pet home quickly and safely. I used my personal experience to determine what information should be shared and what would be useful. I think that is what really made it popular; knowing exactly what should and shouldn’t be shared.

The power of an online community helped keep my social media accounts relevant and constantly gaining followers. I felt it was important to share to future employers that I had the ability to grow and maintain a following online, so I added the the links to these pages anytime I applied for a job. Never would I have thought that a little site I created to share with my friends and family about my missing dog would ever become viral or ever help me land internships with large online marketing companies.

So why is post relevant to share now? I think it’s a good message I should tell, that you don’t need to delete your social media accounts to look attractive to an employer. I always felt the less you show about yourself online the more professional you look. Which yes that could be the case, but when you are using social media affectively you should be proud to display that when displaying yourself professionally.

This day in age it takes more to get a job than it ever did before. So go start a blog, create a Facebook Page, make a professional Instagram, or even start making your Pinterest board a little more helpful to others. Bringing a knowledge of keeping a strong social media presence is a great skill to have in the changing market today. You’re already on Facebook and Twitter all day anyway, so why not make it an investment in yourself?


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