Kendre Verbeck APSU Senior Communication Student

Today I was thinking, with only a few short days from being an actual college graduate, “How did I do this?” Some great teachers, friends, and family (of course) came to mind, but so did a few nifty websites that actually deserve a lot of credit when I’m handed that pretty little diploma.


OWL @ Purdue

This site is a complete lifesaver for any and all writing related questions that you may have. If you’re at APSU, you actually may learn about this magical site your freshmen year. I, a Junior year transfer student just learned about this sadly not too long ago. It’s a perfect reference to make sure you’re siting or writing correctly.

Pearl Trees

            Pearl Trees is kind of like Pinterest, but a lot better for academic uses. It is a great place to keep all of your sources that you need to keep safe and organized while working on a project or paper. What makes this site even better is anyone can view what you’re saving, so it’s perfect for group projects. My last final project, this site was a life saver, and a central home base for everyone’s research.


            The dreaded CopyScape. Most fear this site, but I love it. This site, for about .5 cents a paper will scan your writing across the entire internet and let you know if it’s plagiarized material. This site is a great tool to use before submitting any important papers. Plagiarism, whether on purpose or on accident is still a huge fault to have follow you around your academic or professional career.


            I saved the best for last. This gem I learned about just after I finished my last research paper, and I can’t even imagine how much easier my life would have been with this website. RefWorks is a site where you can keep all the citations of your sources neatly together and organized. Most academic databases link their article citations directly to the site for you and Ref Works keeps them safe in their assigned folder for whatever project or paper you are producing. Last but not least, RefWorks links your citation right into word documents. They have their own button you can download to your tool bar and it will automatically cite your work at any point of your paper. This site is actually life changing.

The feelings I have after learning about each of these sites was almost anger, as I sat and recollected on just how useful any of these would be.


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