Top Cities for Communication Majors

By: Kendre Verbeck APSU Communication Senior

So you’re about to graduate, you’re about to have a brand new shiny Communication degree, and you’re ready to fully spread your wings and leave. If you’re looking to move away, find a nice big city, and become  the communication professional you’ve always dreamed, then this blog post may be a good read for you. Now I’m not saying every Communication major needs to take off and leave for a big city (that isn’t my plan at all). I am saying I know the demographic of communication majors, and I know the common dream plan throughout. chicago

This is all according to, whom I feel really know what they’re talking about, I’m just here to share the information again hopefully just as informatively, but maybe a little more entertainingly. This list is also focused just on the Marketing job opportunities across the country, because the options with a Communication degree is close to endless, so I needed to pick one focus for this post. These salaries are as of March of 2016, and are based on top positions within companies (I like to dream big when motivating myself).

New York, New York.. of course.

The big apple currently has 1,436 job listings, and a median salary of over 113,000 dollars

Oakland, California

1,140 current job listings and a median salary of 109,000 dollars.

San Jose, California

1,115 jobs just waiting to be grabbed, and a median salary of over 110,000 dollars.

San Francisco, California

San Fran is seeking around 1,036 positions with a median salary of 163,000 dollars.

Long Beach, California…again.

With a jump down in openings Long Beach has 635 listings currently with a median salary of 69,000 dollars.

Boston, Massachusetts

631 job listings heading back to the East coast and a median salary of 103,000 dollars.

Los Angeles, California… again, again.

Back to the West coast once last time with 577 listings and a median salary of 69,000 dollars

Chicago, Illinois

563 listings in Chi-Town and a median salary bringing in 63,000 dollars.

Washington, D.C

503 listings open right now and a massive median salary of 147,000 dollars.

Seattle, Washington

To finish the list Seattle has 438 job listings and again a massive median of 102,000 dollars.


So there they are. The top 10 cities to replant yourself after graduation to give yourself that dream job in communications you’ve been thinking of the past 4+ years!


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