Marketing in Social Media: Know What You’re Doing

By: Kendre Verbeck, Senior APSU Comm Major

This isn’t news to any communication major, but social media has become a lead medium in how companies advertise, market, and promote themselves. This change came rather quickly, and it really took off among all types of companies. From electronics brands to cosmetics, sports teams to fast food restaurants everyone and everything has taken their marketing online.

Revolutionaized Marketing
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Job opportunities are everywhere in the field of social media marketing. Find what you’re passionate about, what your talented in, (or even both!), and you can bet that a skill or knowledge in social media marketing could help you land a job in the field. Love sports? Professional teams everywhere hire communication professionals to keep their social media accounts updated and interactive. More into arts and fashion? Topshop and H&M are a few of the top social media performers online right now.

Some companies really utilize social media, and it benefits them overtime as they log on. Some memorable accounts like Taco Bell’s sassy twitter comments, BarkBox’s hilariously cute Instagram posts or their blogs from BarkPost, and Old Spice’s popular viral videos give consumers a positive online experience with their companies. I’ll admit, I have BarkBox for my dogs, and besides the fact that they love everything that gets delivered to them, I also love to see their social media posts, and the positive things that they do for shelters and non-profits. Their social media is a factor in why I choose to give them my business every month, rather than look for an alternative service.

On the opposite end, some companies can fail with their social media presence and drive away clients and customers. The list of accounts whom misused their social media influence is almost endless. From misused hashtags to poor attempts at making light of national disasters, here is a good list of some poor attempts of marketing online by some big companies and news outlets via BuzzFeed.com .

In conclusion, it is so important to know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing online. The audience that can be reached through social media marketing can be so vast it’s easy to quickly have your idea or promotion misinterpreted and viewed in the wrong way. To be able to provide a company with skills in this type of marketing is huge, and a great career path for any communication professional.


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