Community and Communication go Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

By: Brittany Hale, APSU Communication Student

Living in community is a vital part of our human experience, especially as a college student. This fall, Austin Peay is introducing a Living and Learning Community in Castle Heights for incoming Freshman Communication majors.

Those involved in this special community will be able to participate in:

  • Awesome activities organized by the department (no, not lame ones).
  • Group study hours (for those classes that make you want to pull your hair out before the first exam).
  • Hangouts (Midterm ice cream? We think ‘yes’).
  • A community service project (giving back is rewarding; don’t let anyone tell you differently).

Is this something you should be interested in? Absolutely. To be honest, I wish I could go back in time and have this opportunity for myself.

When you come to college, you have a clean slate. There is a slight chance you will see people you have known for a while, but there is a bigger chance of you meeting new people. Take this opportunity and run with it.

Getting involved in your major early on builds connections with your peers that will be very valuable as you progress. These peers could be the ones to grab late night coffee with you before your first big presentation, edit your blogs/news reporting articles/your first video before submitting it – the importance of forming these meaningful relationships is priceless!

I have met some of my best friends being involved in the department for two years now, but I never lived in close community with them. You have the grand opportunity to do just that.

I urge you to be open minded about the experience, and think of the memories you will have the opportunity to make with peers that are interested in communication too!


“Other people keep our souls alive, just like food and water does with our body.”

-Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz


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