5 Public Relation Campaigns We Love and Why They Work

PRBy Kendre Verbeck APSU Senior

The past few years have brought some great Public Relation campaigns and marking plans. When I say great here, I mean that they impacted us as a culture in a positive way. Positive by creating fun, inspiring people, or helping with a powerful movement. Not all PR needs to be bad, or helping to cover up a situation, it can be positive and influence other to be positive as well.. and if they help their company image out as they go, it’s a win-win.

Share a Coke

I have a love/hate relationship with this, but it is truly genius. I love it, because the hunt to find your name is almost addicting anytime you stop at a gas station. I hate it because I’ll never find my name spelled correctly.

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign started out with just a string of popular names on their bottles, it didn’t reach much success. They then revamped and added TONS of names, and it became that much better. The free advertising on social media from everyone uploading a Coke with their name on it became massive, and a huge success in PR and Marketing.

Ant Man Tickets

This one took place across the pond in London. It was a brilliant, adorable, and successful campaign used to promote the movie Ant Man. Tiny, tiny, tiny, ant sized tickets were hidden around London to be found and used as free admission to the premier of the movie. When I say tiny three times, I mean it, these tickets truly were ant sized. The hilariously small size of the tickets lead to some viral pictures when the tickets were found. Promoting fun for fans during premier day, and allowing social media to give some more publicity to the movie, made this marketing plan a huge success.

Always #LikeAGirl

            Okay, I loved this when it was first aired during the Super Bowl. I think everyone loved this campaign. I can remember it being, by far, the most talked about commercial the next day. Always put a huge spotlight on just how cruel the phrase “Like a Girl” can be, and how a negative connection to the phrase seems to be taught to us as we grow.

The commercial was described as ‘groundbreaking’ in many news outlets. It truly was groundbreaking, and brought up a ton of awareness towards feminism and women’s equality. Good publicity is great publicity, and that is exactly what Always gained from their #LikeAGirl campaign.

ALS Challenge

Remember this? Of course you do, because I’m sure you did your part and dumped that ice cold bucket of water over your head. This campaign was absolutely huge, and viral beyond any other awareness campaign has reached. Celebrities, politicians, companies, everyone was taking part in this challenge. It raised money and awareness, and even helped to unite everyone together for a common cause.

BK’s Proud Burger

            During San Francisco’s Pride Parade, one Burger King which was located right along the parades path added a special item to their menu; The Proud Whopper. Wrapped in a rainbow printed wrapper it helped deliver Burger King’s message, “We are all the same inside”. This proud burger and the video promotion that came with it helped give Burger King a good lead way into their new slogan “Be Your Way” and their aim of targeting millennials.


These are just five of some of the most popular campaigns that reigned in the past few years. They all promoted something positive, helpful, or fun. They were all campaigns to promote themselves, but benefiting the people as well. Of course there has been many more over the years that showed being in Public Relation’s isn’t always “evil” or “covering something up”. If you have any favorite campaigns from the past few years post them in the comments and keep the conversation going.


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