Your biggest brand- You!

By: Paige Crawford, Senior APSU

Throughout the world of Communication, we are taught that branding and marketing is one of the most vital aspects of a successful business. Without a noticeable brand and sense of character, how would one expect to gain any business? Branding can be as simple as “golden arches” or as complex as a green mermaid with two tails. I’ll bet you immediately connected the images to their respective businesses. Branding a business isn’t just about logos; it’s color schemes, shapes, and catchy slogans.logos.jpg

Stuttaford, Lee. Semantica.  bad-downright-ugly/ 2016.

Now how do we, as future professionals in Communication, get ourselves out there in this world? Your first and biggest job in the world of marketing is none other than yourself. Yes, YOU are your biggest brand! You need to figure out what your strengths are, who is going to want to have you as an employee or business partner, and how to sell yourself through media before even snagging an interview with employers.

All throughout our four years in college we hear about putting together a resume, and doing activities and experiences that will be great “resume boosters”. This is great for branding yourself, but how about adding a splash of color to all that text. Take that black and white Times New Roman sheet of paper with all your accomplishments and try making a creative resume. Add some depth with two or three eye-catching uses of typography. Utilize graphic design and make your identity leap off the page.


Resume Baker. 2013.


Masica, Alex. 2015.

In addition to the ever-important resume, why aren’t we urged to have our own business cards? You are literally selling yourself, you are a business. These are basically mini versions of your resume that you can carry around in your purse or wallet everywhere. 2015.

Reid, Samora. 260475785.  2016.


Having business cards with QR codes on the back make it easy for potential clients and employers to find you on the web. Having a QR code that takes someone to your personal website or to a portfolio of your work shows employers and clients that you will put in the effort and go that extra distance for your career. Having the extra dash of creativity and effort will take you from average candidate, to a must-have employee. Make it coordinate with your resume, create a theme, use those same fonts and colors and before you know it, you’re an established professional- and people will recognize your brand!




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