Why Communication Students Make the World Go Round

By: Lee Norman- Communication Junior, APSU

Lets face it. Sometimes communication students don’t receive the credit that they deserve. All too often I have heard that it’s one of the “easier” majors and as a student with two completely unrelated minors I can attest that this is far from the truth.

A few of the main aspects of the Communication Department fall under public relations, information specialist and broadcasting. Now take a step back and think about what all that entails.

Public relations is exactly what it sounds like, and quite frankly without it, many things that are common in modern society wouldn’t exist today. Whether it’s business meetings, making connections or just plain making people look good, public relations has it covered.

Information is everything and the person in charge of gathering and using it is a very important person. Lets say a business is creating a new advertisement. Well who do you target, why do you target those people and how? An operation is impossible to conduct without any sort of research and information on the target.

What is broadcasting? Well its pretty much everything. In the past few decades people have been able to communicate incredibly fast and more effectively than ever before. The news, sports and that foreign exchange student you befriended in high school are in the palm of your hand. Anything and anyone is across the globe and right in front of you. Social media for example allows anyone to send a message to thousands of people with the click of a button.

Who does all of this behind the scenes work? Communication graduates. Who makes the business deals work? Communication graduates. Who makes sure you get the news? Again, Communication gradates.

The list can go on forever but I think the point has been made. Communication students make the world an easier and better place for everyday people.


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