5 Things To Delete Off Your Facebook Before Graduation:

By: Kendre Verbeck Senior Communication Major , APSU

Social media is huge, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a blog writer. Social media has more reach and influence than ever, and it is only predicted to grow. Employers do their research on you when they’re hiring, and when people are eager to put their whole story out for the world online it really makes it easy for an employee to learn all about someone. When you’re seeking a job in the communication field it will be pretty much guaranteed your social media sites will be subjected to their professional “creeping”. I took the liberty to do some stalking amongst my friends list and found five stand out things you should delete before a professional finds their way to your page.

  1. That Spring Break Album from Junior Year.

This also includes the majority of your pictures which include red solo cups. Though they may be your best way to remember those memories, they don’t show off your “professional and ready for a career” side. A good rule to live by: if you don’t want to share the pictures from last night with your grandma; don’t put them online.

  1. Those fun survey’s you posted about yourself in “notes”

You probably don’t even remember filling these out, but they’re still there. All an employer has to do is click on the “notes” tab from your page and they’re welcome to all those long survey’s that once filled your boredom. You’re future boss doesn’t need to learn all those “fun facts” about you.

3.*Insert College Bar Name* ’s Tagged Pictures of you

You know the pictures; you and your friends standing in front of the promo curtain. Sure they’re great advertisements for your favorite clubs, but they fall into the “spring break from junior year” category here. Because the bar’s page is public, these will show up to anyone lurking on your page, friend or not.

  1. Old Profile Pictures

Yes some are very cute, and some should definitely stay. But unless you’ve already taken the time to change the settings of each picture, all of your profile pictures are public and free to be viewed by anyone. Make sure you go through to check they’re all appropriate (you know some aren’t).

  1. Your Nick-Name

Cr@zee GurL in parenthesis next to your name doesn’t exactly scream “hire me!” Facebook gave you the option to add a nickname so long ago, you may have even forgotten you wrote one in as a joke (I did). So make sure you go through all of your details online, even something as simple as your name.

Facebook allows you to put so much information about yourself it’s a little scary (okay, pretty scary) and it’s easy to forget or lose all you’ve listed about yourself. It’s important to give your page a thorough check every so often to keep it clean and professional. A good tip: select the option to view your page as someone who isn’t your friend, and try and see what you can learn about yourself.

A good social media page can help land you a job just as fast as it can keep you from getting one. So clean up your page, and use it to your advantage!


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