Three huge Motivators To Get To Class In The Cold

By: Kendre Verbeck Senior Communication Major , APSU


It’s February, and your classes are starting to pile on the work. You’re procrastinating even the simple assignments, and you’re learning that so is everyone else. The “real world” after college is only a few months away and even though you’ve already ordered that cap and gown, you need to turn in that essay due Friday, and post your opinion to a discussion board by midnight, and you can’t forget that group project that you’ve put on the back burner like the rest of your group.

It’s time for some motivation. It’s time to learn about three surprising (maybe) individuals who completed their bachelor degrees in the Communication field, and are majorly succeeding.

  1. Robert Iger

Yes, current CEO of the Walt Disney Company holds a degree in Communication from Ithaca College. His degree helped him earn his starter job at the ABC Group which led him to become Chairman for Broadcasting. Named one of the most ’25 Powerful People in Business’ ; twice, and currently with a net worth of 100 million dollars, if ever there was motivation to make it to class in the cold, Mr. Iger’s post-degree career is surely one.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

The king of prime time comedy started his career with a degree from The City University of New York in Theatre and Communication. Research and papers have been published on the use of communication theories throughout the writing and storylines within Seinfeld’s hit series. With a very comfortable net worth of 820 million dollars, those extra hours pouring over your Comm. Theory notes seem a little more reasonable.

3.Jon Gruden

Now I don’t want to say that Gruden’s degree in Communication was the reason he led Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl victory, but I am sure that it didn’t hurt it. Gruden earned his degree while playing college ball, and now uses his knowledge of Communication, as well as football, by being one of ESPN’s top analysts and the highest paid.


The options and the reach that you can gain from a degree in communication stretch far and wide. There is money to be made, lives to change, and worlds to explore with your communication degree. Don’t let the winter slump or your case of “senioritis” keep you from reaching your full potential during your last few months of school. Success is waiting for you in the “real world”.


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